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Our expert technicians will deliver your bespoke treatment over a series of two to three appointments, depending on your desired look. You should plan to allow at least seven days between sessions. This approach allows for a subtle and measured change in an appearance which is imperceptible, even to your nearest and dearest. This gentle, subtle approach is one of the standout features of SMP.

During the treatment, one of our expert practioners will use a cartridge that contains three needles that work in tandem to gently and carefully inject your chosen shades of pigment into the dermal layer of your scalp. The spacing of the pigment is decided following a careful examination of your naturally occurring hair follicles.

Lots of men (and to a to lesser extent women) will experience hair loss during their lives. Causes are varied, although for most men the cause will be hereditary.

Scalp Micropigmentation is able to closely replicate the look of a youthful, full head of hair. It can stimulate a rear/ and or side hairline, a full front hairline or all three. It can be employed to restore the hairline of a client who is suffering form part or total balding. It can hide scarring, burns or birthmarks, and can also be used to enhance the aesthetic effect achieved via a hair transplant procedure.

Crown Balding

Crown balding can make a suffer look a lot older than they are, and can markedly affect self-confidence, especially in younger men. To treat in this instance, we concentrate on rejuvenating the crown area, adding an entirely convincing hairline. As balding and crown thinning continues, it is a simple matter to top up the treatment as and when required, making it a perfect solution to this particular type of degenerative hair problem.

Receding Hairlines

Skillful Scalp Micropigmentation makes light work of camouflaging specific areas of concern, resulting in an attractively defined hairline.


Alopecia can be truly distressing for both men and women. The severity of the condition can vary markedly from patient to patient, but the because SMP is such a flexible treatment, it can be used as much or as little as required to restore the self-esteem of those affected.


Nearly 5% of women in the UK suffer from hair thinning or hair loss. In the very recent past, women have had less access to hair loss treatment when compared to their male counterparts. The only doctor approved hair loss treatment is not licensed for women in the UK, meaning that many have had to recourse to wigs or hairpieces in desperation, which tend to be highly impractical, as well as uncomfortable. Increasingly, women suffering from hair related conditions are coming to the realisation that Scalp Micropigmentation can provide the perfect solution. This is especially true for women, because so many of the female typical common hair loss conditions are often temporary or reversible. This means that a course of SNP can be the perfect way to camouflage the affected area until regrowth is fully established. Indeed, even when a women has long hair, utilising Scalp Micropigmentation to fill in any patchy areas on the scalp will make any such problems far less noticeable, even on long hair, meaning that you can keep the style you love in with confidence.

Scalp Micropigmentation Revision and Reversal

As we get older, our style may well change, and that extends to our hair. If you decide that you would like revise your hairline or overall style, we are able to use the every latest in laser removal techniques to do so. Because SMP pigments are not placed deeply into the skin (when compared to regular tattoos) it is much easier to remove them with a laser, and will only normally only require between one and two sessions to get a great result.

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